Richard Chenoweth AIA

architectural + drawing + painting + illustration + visualization

Scope and services... Richard will create beautiful watercolor images of your next architecture project. If you need quick viz or pre-viz, or if you require a detailed architectural drawing or watercolor, call or click today. Richard is a classical artist but maintains expertise and client support in all aspects of digital imaging and modeling. See some recent drawings: Click to view slideshow

News and Updates... 4-5-12: Richard's drawing of the Capitol under construction in 1806 won an Award of Excellence from ASAI to be presented at the Baltimore Conference in October. Go see the drawing. 8-28-11: Richard created the seminal image of the Martin Luther King Memorial. It has been produced as a poster and is available through the Memorial Foundation. 4-22-2011: Richard had a nice write-up in Vanderbilt Magazine... 2-12-11: His recreation of the 1786 Paris Grain Market won an Award of Excellence from ASAI at the Tokyo Conference in September. Click here to see the drawing.
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